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When I link a library such as libm in with ld, I need to drop the lib prefix. What if the file does not follow this naming convention? Is there a way to link it other than renaming the file?


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You can link against any library, e.g. foo.a, by specifying full path to it on the link line:

gcc main.o /path/to/foo.a

What you lose with non-standard library name is the ability for the linker to search for it, e.g. this will not work:

gcc main.o -L/path/to foo.a

When I link a library such as libm in with ld

Note that in general you should not link anything with ld. Use the compiler driver instead -- it adds objects and libraries to the link line that are required for correct result.

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You can have the linker search for a library named without the lib prefix:

gcc main.o -L/path/to/foo -l:foo.a
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Aah I see now, I didn't catch the "-l" in there. –  Okuma.Scott Sep 18 '14 at 13:31

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