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I'm searching for some way to gain access to an Exchange Server 2003 mailbox using XMLHttpRequest in order to render folders like Inbox, etc... on my page.

I know I have to include credentials in my url passing process, but I don't know how to specify that. Is there a way or some example of doing so to get some XMLResponse from the server?

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This Microsoft support article How to programmatically get the size of mailboxes in Exchange contains code samples, and might be a place to start. Also, How to send a simple e-mail by using XMLHTTP and WebDAV in Visual Basic .NET

This code snippet shows the basic pattern of sending a request:

strURL = "http://" & strExchangeServerName & "/Exchange/" & strMailboxName & "/" & 

Set objXMLHTTP = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
objXMLHTTP.Open "DELETE", strURL, False, strUserName, strPassword
objXMLHTTP.setRequestHeader "Depth", "infinity,noroot"
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