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How can I find the Min value of a RavenDB document property over all documents that satisfy a condition.

For example, I want to find what is the earliest release date of all movie documents in the ravendb database that belong NY state.

I wrote something like this.. please correct me.. I need help at "??????" in the following query...

  DateTime EarliestDate = session.Query<Movie>()                      
                         .Where(x => x.State == "NY")
                         .GroupBy(x => x.ReleaseDate)
                         .Select????Min(x => x.ReleaseDate));
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I may be wrong, but don't you just want this:

DateTime EarliestDate = session.Query<Movie>()                      
                         .Where(x => x.State == "NY")
                         .Min(x => x.ReleaseDate);

UPDATE: try this

DateTime EarliestDate = session.Query<Movie>()                      
                             .Where(x => x.State == "NY")
                             .OrderBy(x => x.ReleaseDate)
                             .Select(x => x.ReleaseDate)
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that did not work.. –  ZVenue Apr 19 '12 at 19:29
Thanks that worked.. –  ZVenue Apr 20 '12 at 13:54

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