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I am using visual c++ 6.0 and need to capture the image on the screen to memory. How do I do this? thx

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Step 1 - install Visual Studio 2010 C++ Express and uninstall VC6. [Are you really stuck with VC6?] The APIs you use will not depend on the IDE but your life will be a lot easier with a newer one. – Steve Townsend Apr 19 '12 at 18:54
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  • Get the DC for the screen with GetDC(NULL)
  • Create a memory DC with CreateCompatibleDC.
  • Create a bitmap compatible with the screen DC and the same size as the screen.
  • Select the bitmap into the memory DC.
  • BitBlt from the screen DC to the memory DC.
  • Deselect the bitmap from the memory DC.
  • Use GetBitmapBits to copy the bitmap into memory.
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