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DatePicker returns a Date you click on. However, the Date object time is set to noon. Is there a way to change it from noon to a different time?

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You can change the value of the object in your backing code.

Datepicker dp;
//UI does some stuff
Date offset = new Date(somemilliseconds); //replace somemilliseconds with the value you want to roll forward or backwards
dp.setValue(dp.getValue()+offset); //or minus

However the DatePicker UI element itself has no time way to pick a time (it is just a calendar) to go with your date, you would have to use a different UI element that could change the object that you set with your DatePicker (if you didn't want to use a calculated offset like the above.)

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I would like to avoid manually changing the returned value. I am using a DateBox widget. –  sworded Apr 20 '12 at 14:42

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