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Can anyone give me an example or point me to a resource on how to use Protobuf-Net to serialize/deserialize some of the bulit-in system classes? Specifically I'm just trying to serialize/deserialize the base Exception class and all other exception classes that inherit from it. Will I have to create a new RunTypeModel that specifies every possible exception class that I will ever need to serialize, or can I somehow tell Protobuf-Net to serialize them all the same way without listing every single one? Any help is very appreciated since I am brand new to Protobuf-Net and I'm still trying to understand it all. Thanks :)

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protobuf-net is designed to serialize DTO models, but not exceptions - very similar to XmlSerializer etc (but binary rather than xml, obviously). Serialising exceptions is not currently built in. It may be possible to hack some things, but this isn't really a designed feature.

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Thanks for the quick answer on this. You've saved me some head against wall time :) –  WiredWiz Apr 20 '12 at 13:38

You really can´t serialize a class like

public class MyTest
    public Exception MyException { get; set; }

But doing a small change will be possible to serialize

public class MyTest
    [ProtoMember(1, DynamicType = true)]
    public Object MyException { get; set; }

This was the only way that I found to serialize an exception.

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