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I've created my own signup form and creating the user using the Membership class.

MembershipCreateStatus status;
MembershipUser newUser = Membership.CreateUser(tbxUsername.Text, 
                                               null, null, true, out status);

After the user is created using the code about, I try to set some profile properties like so

Profile.CountryCode = ddlCountry.SelectedValue;
Profile.DisplayName = tbxDisplayName.Text;

However I get the following exception message

This property cannot be set for anonymous users.

Any ideas why im getting this?

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I Think this is beacuse you didn't fetched the profile first (from DB/Whatever you are using).

you code might look like the following:

ProfileCommon p = Profile.GetProfile(tbxUsername.Text);
p.CountryCode = ddlCountry.SelectedValue;
p.DisplayName = tbxDisplayName.Text;
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