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I know that Ember.js defers binding changes. I'm wondering if Ember.js maintains any order when it notifies bindings of changes?

here's a very contrived example:

{{#if App.backVisible}}
    <img {{bindAttr src=App.selectedPerson.avatar}} />
    name: {{App.selectedPerson.fullName}}

then some place else I do:

App.set("selectedPerson", someOtherPerson)
App.set("backVisible", true)

Is there any guarantee that the src binding will be filled in before the backVisible property changes?

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Is there any guarantee that the src binding will be filled in before the backVisible property changes?

I dont really understand why you would care about src being set before Ember sets the backVisible property. From your contrived example, the two properties seem functionally very independent.

However, if you still want to force src binding to be filled in the view, you can always force a render. In Ember, rendering is deferred through the run loop. the You can make the runloop execute immediately by calling Ember.run.end()

For more info on run loop, try this link: http://blog.sproutcore.com/the-run-loop-part-1/

The blog post is from the Sproutcore days but core concept is still the same in Emberjs.

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The answer you seek is yes (since first it updates all Ember objects, and later the UI).

However, I believe your app will stil work fine without this guarantee, i.e., since you use Ember's binding, even though App.backVisible will be updated first, and by that I even mean the generated UI (img-tag), the img-tag is still fine even with its src attribute set to "" (there is no "NPE", even if you bind it a.b.c.d and b is null).
A few millisecs later, Ember will update the src attribute to contain the updated value, and the image will be loaded and shown.
I think this is one of Ember's strong sides: state is in one place, and everything is reflected by it. Everything still works if bindings leads to no where temporarily (though usually this won't happen).

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