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I'm writing an Ember.View, which turns a tree structure into a menu. I need recursion for this, so what I use in my view template is a {{view}} helper, which recursively calls itself to build a nested <ul><li> structure.

What I need is a hook to call some jQuery plugin to turn this structure into the menu. When I call the plugin from the didInsertElement event, the subviews haven't rendered yet. How can I run code when all subviews have finished rendering?

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Try calling the plugin within Ember.run.next() which should call it after the current run loop is complete... which I believe won't happen until all of the subviews are created.

Docs -> http://docs.emberjs.com/symbols/Ember.run.html

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This might help in your situation, I made a handlebars helper that tells you when the sub-section has rendered. By default it sends an event to your view object, so each of your instantiated views would receive an event whenever they rendered.

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