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The issue I am having is I am consistently getting the following error when executing a user event script in NetSuite:

TypeError: Cannot read property "amazon" from undefined

NetSuite uses Javascript to do the business logic on both client and server side. For those without NetSuite experience, a user event script is executed on the server.

The code I can share is as follows:

var qtyAvail = 0; 
qtyAvail = rec.getValue('locationquantityavailable');
if(!qtyAvail || qtyAvail === 'undefined' || qtyAvail === null || isNaN(qtyAvail) || typeof qtyAvail === "undefined"){
                qtyAvail = 0;

  location = rec.getValue(kColumns[3]);
            if(location == 7 ||location == 16 ||location == 20 ||location == 3 ||location == 19 ||location == 1 ||location == 27 ||location == 27){    
                if(location == 7){
                    fba = qtyAvail;
                        qtyAvail = 0;
...more business code here....
 return {

            amazon: fba,
            ups: upsName

I am calling the return values like:

var itemQty = getLocationQty(item);
               var fbaStock =;
           } else { fbaStock = 0;}

This code works fine for some of my locations, but if there is not quantity available in a specific location it is returning undefined, rather then setting the qtyAvail to 0 as I would expect.

Am I missing a comparison for checking undefined anywhere, or does anyone else see any issues with the code?

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From the snippet you included it looks like you are not initializing the value of fba.

Add var fba=0; at the start and see if that fixes it.

Or perhaps you meant to assign qtyAvail to amazon instead of fba.

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I've initialized fba to 0 with no luck. I am assigning qtyAvail to fba as when I do my return I am returning an associative array that I can pull the objects out of from outside of the function. What is odd, is that the code will work on some records fine and others will fail with undefined. A side by side comparison of the records show values are present in the fba location that is failing. Any other ideas? I am about to consider rewriting my functions, but i'd rather not if I can avoid it :) – Robert H Apr 20 '12 at 12:58
Have you tried running your code in the netsuite debugger? – Craig Apr 20 '12 at 15:33
Yes I have - I found the source of my grief though: Kit items are causing the failure, so I wrote a function that drops the kit part of the item name and returns the main sku. Since the change it seems to be working - I am currently running a batch of 200 sales orders to see how it performs. – Robert H Apr 20 '12 at 15:56

From the bits of code you did share and your original description it looks like the object literal you were returning from your function wasn't actually being returned. 'amazon' being a property of that object and since the error says it's undefined then that function was returning nothing.

Run the following code in a JS engine:

function foo()

alert( foo().amazon );

and you will see:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'amazon' of undefined

I see that you found a solution, I just don't see how it's related to your original problem you reported. Am I missing something?

Also, although not part of your question I thought I might mention another approach to writing your location check, a little easier to read:

var acceptedLocations = [ 7, 16, 20, 3, 19, 1, 27 ];
if(acceptedLocations.indexOf(location) > 0)
  //  Do rad stuff
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Thanks Steve, the solution I had had continued to fail under certain circumstances causing me to re-write the code, interestingly enough I used indexOf to support a cleaner design. +1 for your suggestion, Thanks. – Robert H Apr 27 '12 at 10:32

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