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ticket number: 6666
ticket number : 6666
ticket #6666
ticket # 6666

i tried this one ticket[ \t]+(number|#)?[: \t]+([0-9]+) but it does not work for "ticket #6666"

Could anybody help?

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Close; you want the colon/space to be optional.

ticket[ \t]+(number|#)?[: \t]*([0-9]+)
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yes, exactly. It helped, tHanks –  Kirill Reva Apr 19 '12 at 21:18
@KirillReva - Here at stackoverflow we thank you by accepting the best answer - so please click on check-mark below the number left next to this post (it will change color to green), if you want to thank you to #geekosaur. –  Ωmega Apr 19 '12 at 21:58

Try something like this: ticket[\s\t]+(number|#)[:\s\t]*([0-9]+)

Also, if you don't already use it I would recommend to help you with your testing. It is a great resource to quickly see what is being matched by your expression.

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