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I have:

Map<String, String> vars = new HashMap<String, String>();
String r = restOperations.getForObject(url, String.class, vars);

In my test I try to mock RestOperations:

RestOperations restOperations;

when(restOperations.getForObject(Matchers.anyString(), Matchers.eq(String.class), Matchers.notNull())).thenReturn("ok");

This never get triggered.

Does anyboy see why?

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I believe the problem is with method overloading. getForObject has two overloaded versions taking three arguments:

<T> T getForObject(String url, Class<T> responseType, Map<String, ?> uriVariables);

<T> T getForObject(String url, Class<T> responseType, Object... uriVariables);

You are actually mocking the second one while you want to mock the first one. To help the static method resolution cast the notNull() matches explicitly:

  Matchers.anyString(), Matchers.eq(String.class), (Map)Matchers.notNull())

Or even better, use anyMap():

   Matchers.anyString(), Matchers.eq(String.class), Matchers.anyMap())
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Even better: when(restOperations.getForObject( Matchers.anyString(), Matchers.eq(String.class), Matchers.anyMapOf(String.class, String.class)) ).thenReturn("ok"); Thanks alot! – mamruoc Apr 20 '12 at 5:37
Note that mamruoc's snippet only works in Mockito 1.9.0 and higher. – David Wallace Apr 20 '12 at 7:02

Thanks for your Answer, It was really helpful.

Following is the complete source code, thought that it would be helpful for others.

public class HandlerTest {

    private Handler handler;

    public void setUp() {
        handler = new HandlerImpl();

    public void testMethodtoTest() {
        String param1 = "123456";
        String param2 = "3736272";
        String param3 = "838912";

        RestTemplate mock = Mockito.mock(RestTemplate.class);
        Mockito.when(mock.getForObject( Matchers.anyString(), Matchers.eq(String.class), Matchers.anyMapOf(String.class, String.class)) ).thenReturn("ok");

        String actualResponse = handler.MethodtoTest(param1, param2, param3);

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