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Is there a way to change the position/indent of the delete buttons in the table cell. I mean the left round icon and the right button which actually says delete.

I want to do this because I have a design I really want to use which has a smaller background images in terms of the width so the left icon and the right delete button won't align properly by default.

I can't inlcude images yet due to reputation limitations, I've uploaded it here

In the image above I tried to show a simpliefied design showing 3 rows. As you can see the left round icon and the delete button should have a larger margin to the left and right. Also the top and bottom cell have some space on the top/bottom which means also the vertical position should be altered slightly.

I've read here it's not possible.

Is this still true in iOS 5?

Otherwise I would have to customize the whole behavior with showing/hiding a delete button. I would really like to use the default behavior.

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I finally got it working, for future reference I used this article which explains it very clear: weston-fl.com/blog/?p=1555 – d4jo Apr 23 '12 at 18:51

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