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I have just installed a build server with a 64 bit windows server 2008 for continuous integration.

The reason I choose a 64 bit server was to have more than ~3Gb of RAM. I had hopes that this machine would provide blazing fast builds.

Unfortunately, the result are lacking greatly to say the least. My desktop provides faster builds than this server equipped with a Xeon quad core, 15k RPM SAS and 8 Gigs of RAM.

We use Visual C++ 2005 to compile our 32 bit application with Cygwin.

Could the WOW64 emulator be the bottleneck that is slowing down the build process?

Any pointers, comments would be greatly appreciated.


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We use Visual C++ 2005 to compile our 32 bit application with Cygwin.

I think that's the problem. I like Cygwin a lot, but it is really slow when it comes to file I/O. It helps a bit to deactivate the NTFS filesystem feature to keep track of the last file-access.

To get a better speed boost port your build-script / makefile to use the native command shell if pssible and only call cygwin-tools if there is really no replacement available.

If you use the gcc compiler try the mingw version. That one is a lot faster.

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WOW64 is not an emulator on x64. The processor natively executes 32-bit x86 code. At the bottom of the user-mode stack, under kernel32 et al, are DLLs which map system calls to the 64-bit call interface.

See WOW64 Implementation Details.

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