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Found the following question here:

Hello, I am using flexigrid in my application. There is a problem with the Horizontal resize that I cannot reduce the width less than that initial width that I give to it while making the grid.

You can also see this problem in the "Example 3" on Try reducing the width of the grid.

I was having the same problem using flexigrid 1.1 and I found a solution so I thought I would post it.

If anyone has a better solution that does not require editing the plugin let me know.

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At line 180 of flexigrid.js change this:

if (newW > p.defwidth) { = newW + 'px';
    p.width = newW;

to this:

//if (newW > p.defwidth) { = newW + 'px';
    p.width = newW;

Commenting out this if statement seems to have done the trick, and I have not seen any adverse side effects.

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