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hg shelve did it again - even after applying the patch described in hg unshelve not working (which worked happily for about a month), shelve just "lost" all my changes again.

I see the name of my shelve when running hg shelve -l, but when I do hg unshelve -n <name> I get the dreaded "nothing to unshelve" message.

I can see all the changes with hg unshelve -i -n <name>. What's the easiest way to get them back in my local repository since the unshelve command refuses to acknowledge that they're there, even though it will happily show them to me?

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You can try the patch command. hg help patch for some help.

I'm not familiar with the shelve extension, but I think you can do something like this :

$ hg unshelve -i -n <name> > modifications.patch 
$ hg patch modifications.patch
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Yes, I actually realized that the shelve was a valid patch (as long as you remove the leading "directories" 'a' and 'b'). – Jer Apr 20 '12 at 17:05

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