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I have the following WPF code to validate key-press and based on the key pressed it either allows user to enter the key or simply stops the key press event to stop entering invalid keys..

<TextBox PreviewKeyDown="PreviewKeyDown" />
private void PortPreviewKeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
    bool allowedKeys;
    allowedKeys = // logic for validation

    e.Handled = allowedKeys;

My question is, is this the right approach to do validation in WPF.. I want to restrict user to enter invalid character..

I know I can use dependency properties and call validation and then display error or success message, but I don't want to get that far, I simply want to stop user from entering invalid characters.

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Seems like a valid approach to me, however I would try to display some message telling the user when a character is invalid, otherwise they might think something is broken.

It might also be a good idea to make the logic generic by subclassing TextBox and providing properties which characters are allowed. Some libraries already have controls like this, like the MaskedTextBox of the extended WPF toolkit which also provides format highlighting.

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