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How will you approach to implement a WYSIWYG document editor in WPF?

This editor is going to be very similar to WYSIWYG html editors, but back-end data structures do not have to be html. Currently, I have a working version based on mshtml control implemented in c++ (this is pretty much like MS InfoPath). I'm seeking to take out the mshtml dependency from this tool, so using WPF WebBrowser control is a choice I want to avoid.

Basic features to support:

  1. Flow style document
  2. Supports a basic set of controls (TextBox, DropDown, ListBox, DatePicker, etc)
  3. Supports basic styles
  4. Supports tables (resize, merge cells, split cells, etc)
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Probably not exactly what you are after, but you might like to investigate the FlowDocument support build into WPF as it supports a lot of what you are asking for:
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