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i am making an app that will have a very large dictionary of words i choose (so that the words aren't too complicated) and i want it to randomly choose the words. I dont have a problem with the randomly selecting words, but what would be the best way to store all these words, and how? I feel like using an NSMutable array would take up too much memory creating thousands of objects, so what else can i use... Thanks for you help

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Core data!, is your best option, or to manage your own SQLite

check a core data tutorial

or a SQLite on iOS tutorial

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If all all the application needs to do is access words at random (so no key based queries, or updates), an alternative to core data and SQLite would be to just fseek() to a random location in a flat text file of newline delimited words and then read out the next complete word, possibly with fscanf(dict,"%s\n%s\n",partial_word,full_word).

Deal with EOF by retrying with a different random number, or limit the fseek() range to never hit last word in file.

An issue with the above outline is words won't be uniformly selected. There is a bias towards words following long words. Discarding strlen(partial_word) (or a larger random number) of words before keeping a word might help the distribution if it is a concern.

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