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Does fabricJS support SVG viewBox element so that it will render only that on canvas? That way, zooming of the entire screen could be implemented easily.

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No, FabricJS is Canvas-based and Canvas and SVG are two very different realms.

FabricJS can parse SVG paths and draw them onto a canvas, but thats it.

Specifically, the SVG elements that FabricJS can parse and draw to a canvas are: path, circle, polygon, polyline, ellipse, rect, line, and image.

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So rendered SVG from fabric would have viewBox dimensions the same as canvas dimensions? –  vale4674 Apr 20 '12 at 11:58

Going the other way works

I'm dealing with a related problem - rendering only part of the canvas into an SVG. I'm using the viewBox to ensure that users see only the interesting parts of the canvas.

JSDoc for toSVG

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