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I need to implement Pattern with a regex = \w (or all words).

When I run the program output should be:

a [1]
is [1]

but instead it is:

a [1]
e [2]
h [1]
i [1, 1]
s [1, 1, 2]
t [1, 2, 2]

The code responsable for Scanning and Pattern Matching is below:

public class DocumentIndex {

  private TreeMap<String, ArrayList<Integer>> map = 
  new TreeMap<String, ArrayList<Integer>>();       // Stores words and their locations
  private String regex = "\\w";                //any word

   * A constructor that scans a document for words and their locations
  public DocumentIndex(Scanner doc){
    Pattern p = Pattern.compile(regex);       //Pattern class: matches words
    Integer location = 0;                   // the current line number
        // while the document has lines
        // set the Matcher to the current line
            Matcher m = p.matcher(doc.nextLine());
            // while there are value in the current line
            // check to see if they are words
            // and if so save them to the map
                } else {
                    ArrayList<Integer> list = new ArrayList<Integer>();
                    map.put(, list);

What is the best way to read the whole word as a pattern?

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You need to use \\w+, not \\w. The latter will only match one character (the former, one or more chars).

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([^ ]+)+

Or you can use the StringTokenizer class.

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