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in my code I have the table itself created, I am just trying to copy all fields from one table into another

INSERT INTO $tbl_query (imagetargetpath, gamename, gamedirectory, like, dislike) 
 FROM $sql_tbl 
WHERE gamename LIKE '%$item_searched%'

the table itself was created and structured like this

$tbl_query(`id` INT( 14 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT ,
`imagetargetpath` VARCHAR( 80 ) NOT  NULL , 
`gamename` VARCHAR( 50 ) NOT NULL , `gamedirectory` VARCHAR( 50 ) NOT NULL 
, `like` INT( 14 ) NOT NULL , `dislike` INT( 14 ) NOT NULL ,PRIMARY KEY (  `id` )) ";

my goal is basically to copy the query results into a new table but have the $tbl_query have its own unique id numbers

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Select only the columns you need:

INSERT INTO $tbl_query (imagetargetpath, gamename, gamedirectory, `like`, dislike) 
SELECT imagetargetpath, gamename, gamedirectory, `like`, dislike
FROM $sql_tbl 
WHERE gamename LIKE '%$item_searched%'

FYI, this problem/question comes up a lot with databases, so it worth remembering how to do it

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that worked, I had a similar output for it but it didn't work that way. I think I need to learn sql better –  g00ch Apr 20 '12 at 4:30
oh.... I see where i messed up.. it was the like statement. had to focus on the code. thanks again bohemian, it worked great –  g00ch Apr 20 '12 at 4:34

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