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I'm working on H2 database, and I meet this problem - to drop one constraint is fine, I can use this statement

alter table customer drop constraint if exists fk_customer_order ;

for add one constraint is fine too, I can use this statement.

alter table customer add constraint fk_customer_order foreign key (order_id) references order (id) on delete cascade on update cascade;

but the problems is, in customer table I have more foreign key and I want delete them in one query statement. Something like this

alter table customer drop constraint fk_customer_order 
drop constraint fk_customer_information
drop constraint .... 

but this seem can not be done in h2 database, anyone can tell me can or not add or drop multi constraint by 1 sql statment? Any answer are welcome and I appreciate much.

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I think it can not be done. Why don't you use multiple statements?

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