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I have a query where I want to use a certain field to boost the score of the document if a match is found but without actually selecting the document.

So if I have document 1 id:foo smoke:true city:Amsterdam

document 2 id:to smoke:false city:Amsterdam

document 3 id:bar smoke:true city:Rotterdam

I would like to select all documents where +smoke:true but where Amsterdam results are ranked higher.

I thought of doing +smoke:true city:Amsterdam^1.5

but I found that in that case documents are also selected where smoke:false and city=Amsterdam.

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Your query should have worked -- a mandatory term must appear in the result. There's probably something wrong with you query parsing. –  Marko Topolnik Apr 20 '12 at 8:45
The point is not that +smoke:true is not being honoured, the point is that I want to use a boost factor but prevent the boosted variable from being treated as an OR city:Amsterdam. If none of the other conditions are true, Amsterdam should not be selected at all. –  Marc Apr 26 '12 at 21:45

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