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I have a problem with my routes, and I think it's due to params being passed incorrectly. Whenever I try to go the the users edit page, I get the following error:

No route matches {:action=>"edit", :controller=>"admin/users", :locale=>#<User id: 10, first_name: "Chase", last_name: "Jensen", email: "email@email.com", password_digest: "$2a$10$xTvG5gP73w2/nVW5jD.BSO3Z46S5v9oGogmfjo3gsGHf...", access_level: 2, last_login: nil, auth_token: nil, created_at: "2012-04-20 02:19:33", updated_at: "2012-04-20 02:19:33">}

I have noticed that it's saying :locale=>#User ID (hash) but i'm not sure if that's the problem. If it is, I don't know why it's putting the user hash as :locale? Here is some of my app code

code that it's complaining about:

<% @owners.each do |owner| %>
  <%= owner.first_name %>
  <%= link_to "Edit Owner", edit_admin_user_path(owner) %>
  <%= link_to "Delete Owner", admin_user_path(owner), :method => :delete, :confirm => "Are you sure you want to delete this owner?" %>
<% end %>

Users Controller

class Admin::UsersController < Admin::BaseController
  def edit
    @user = User.find(params[:id])
  def update
    @user = User.find(params[:id])

    if @user.update_attributes(params[:user])
      flash[:notice] = "User has been updated."
      redirect_to @user
      flash[:alert] = "User has not been updated."
      render :action => "edit"
  def index
    @owners = User.all

routes.rb (shortened)

scope ":locale", locale: /#{I18n.available_locales.join("|")}/ do
  namespace :admin do
    resources :users do
      collection do
        get :newowner

rake routes output

newowner_admin_users GET    /:locale/admin/users/newowner(.:format) {:locale=>/en|es/, :action=>"newowner", :controller=>"admin/users"}
     admin_users GET    /:locale/admin/users(.:format)          {:locale=>/en|es/, :action=>"index", :controller=>"admin/users"}
                 POST   /:locale/admin/users(.:format)          {:locale=>/en|es/, :action=>"create", :controller=>"admin/users"}
  new_admin_user GET    /:locale/admin/users/new(.:format)      {:locale=>/en|es/, :action=>"new", :controller=>"admin/users"}
 edit_admin_user GET    /:locale/admin/users/:id/edit(.:format) {:locale=>/en|es/, :action=>"edit", :controller=>"admin/users"}
      admin_user GET    /:locale/admin/users/:id(.:format)      {:locale=>/en|es/, :action=>"show", :controller=>"admin/users"}
                 PUT    /:locale/admin/users/:id(.:format)      {:locale=>/en|es/, :action=>"update", :controller=>"admin/users"}
                 DELETE /:locale/admin/users/:id(.:format)      {:locale=>/en|es/, :action=>"destroy", :controller=>"admin/users"}

I am so confused why I am getting this error, when the routes seem to match up. Anyone have any insight on this? Thanks in advance.


At this point locale should be set in the application controller

before_filter :set_locale

def set_locale
  I18n.locale = params[:locale] if params[:locale].present?

and in my application view app/views/layouts/application.html.erb

<%= link_to_unless_current "English", locale: "en" %> |
<%= link_to_unless_current "Spanish", locale: "es" %> 

And doesn't it default to EN?

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Adding this to my application controller, as specified in Ryan Bates railscast fixed it.

def default_url_options(options = {})
  {locale: I18n.locale}
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You didn't pass the locale argument
Try edit_admin_user_path(owner, :locale => "en")

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Hmm that didn't seem to work, I think should already be set at this point, see my edit – ruevaughn Apr 20 '12 at 22:28

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