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I have lots of link which shows "Combine Silverlight and the XNA Framework in a Windows Phone Application" but I am not able to figure out.. I have one project which is in "XNA" and have one Main project which is in sliver-light. I want to add this Xna project to my main project but I am not able to..

Plz help or provide with simple steps that I will need...

Thanks Sneha

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As far i know,combine silverlight and XNA means, you are allowed to use both the silverlight and XNA assemblies in the same project/application. Earlier it was allowed. –  NOOB Apr 20 '12 at 5:38
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In the Mango version of the SDK there is a new project template for applications that use Silverlight and XNA together. There's an MSDN walkthrough on How to: Combine Silverlight and the XNA Framework in a Windows Phone Application however this is for using XNA and Silverlight in the one project - I'm not sure if this will work for adding multiple projects.

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