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im using the jQuery Dynatree plug in a new site that im developing. Here is an example of how i wrote it

  var treevluData = [
{title: "Team 1", isFolder: true, tooltip: "Tooltip test", expand: true, children: [ {title: "Honda CBR",tooltip: "Tooltip test Honda CBR"} ] },
{title: "Team 2", isFolder: true, expand: true, key: "id3", children: [ {title: "BMW X3"},
                                                                           {title: "Honda CRX"},
                                                                           {title: "VW Golf"},
                                                                           {title: "Smart ForTwo"}
{title: "Team 3", isFolder: true, key: "id4", expand: true, children: [ {title: "Fiat Doblo"} ]} ];

The tree is working fine and everything's ok with this. As you can see in the first child of team 1 i have set a tooltip. My question is if it possible and how could i put an image inside the tooltip so everytime you mouseover a child it will show an image as tooltip instead of plain text. I know that you can do this with some CSS in html but i cant find how do to this in this plug in.

Thank you

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The tooltip option is converted into a simple <a titlie='...'> attribute, that most browsers display as simple popoup. As far as I know, these tooltips cannot contain HTML markup. I'd suggest to use one of the existing jQuery tootltip plugins instead and bind it to the Dynatree nodes.

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Thank you mar10. I found the easyTooltip plugin that i think suits to my needs. With this code

$("#vlutree a").easyTooltip({
useElement: "item"          

pointing to this div

<div id="item">
    <img src="icons/Icon.png" />

im able to put an img to the tooltip, my problem is how can i find in which node im pointing in order to show different images for each node..

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