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Suppose I have a select tag and some option tag in it,then I want add mouseover event on option tag,I have tried some ways,but all doesn't work chrome:

method 1:

function showtrail(){

          var el=document.querySelectorAll('#select option');
            for(var i=0;i<el.length;i++){

method 2:

<option onmouseover="showtrail()"  value="d">d</option>

method 3: off course I tried jquery hover method

all this doesn't work in chrome ,only work in firefox

how can I solve this problem ?add hover or mouseover event on option tag ,and could work fine in chrome

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IMO, its not a valid way to do that because option tag does not support that property. I would recommend you to use Dropkick - a custom select box and to attach those events.

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