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I am trying to output information with System.out.format using a double[] array as the argument. This does not work:

out.format("New dimensions:\n" +
        "Length: %f\n" +
        "Width: %f\n\n",

This, however, does:

out.format("New dimensions:\n" +
        "Length: %f\n" +
        "Width: %f\n\n",
        doubleArray[0], doubleArray[1]);

Why doesn't the first format work? It supposedly works with strings just fine.

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Java will autobox your double to a Double, but it won't autobox your double[] to a Double[], so it doesn't match Object[]. As a result, instead of being unpacked into the Object... varargs, your array is being treated as the array itself -- which, obviously, can't be formatted as a double.

If you declare your array as Double[] instead of double[], the call to format works.

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Thanks for your help! I changed the type to Double[] and it seems to work now. –  joelises Apr 20 '12 at 6:00

It doesn't work because an array isn't a double(in Java an array is a class, so it's like a general pointer here). You need to specify exactly what will be outputted, and you did - it's the %f format specifier. ArraySomething[] doesn't match..

See here for more on Java's Formatting and here - How does array class work in Java? , for Java arrays.

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link "The syntax for these two java.io.PrintStream methods is the same: public PrintStream format(String format, Object... args)" The three dots operator is supposed to optionally take an array of arguments, but it's not working here. I get an conversion error. –  joelises Apr 20 '12 at 5:39

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