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As a programmer what are the measures I can take to take care that my app does not hog a lot of resources and drain the battery ?

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Depending on the application you are writing, some of these may apply to you:

  • Don't use excessive network calls. Try to maintain a cache of data that will change infrequently (I usually use the golden 'hour', but give users the option to manually 'refresh'). Only run a full refresh after say 10 seconds of their last refresh (stops them spamming the server, gives a faster response)
  • Cancel any async tasks running if they are not needed (for example, no need downloading the rest of that picture/website if the user navigates out of the activity that uses it)
  • Make use of OnPause/OnResume to pause/resume games
  • Make use of the OnStop/OnStart methods to save program state and reload it when necessary. Note that in this state, an app is 'no longer visible' and may be killed if other apps require the memory, meaning the next time it is run, you'll either go into onRestart() or onCreate()
  • Avoid setting the screen to remain on (setKeepScreenOn(boolean) or android:keepScreenOn) . video should probably be one of the only instances where you would utilise this functionality
  • Avoid building widgets that update frequently and only update it when it's visible

There is a nice flowchart showing the different methods that get called for pausing/resuming on the android developer site:


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Nice tips ! Exactly what I was looking for. Liked the 2nd one particularly. –  user669444 Apr 20 '12 at 6:28
Glad I could help –  Robotnik Apr 21 '12 at 2:45

Please discharge the battery to 2% then fully charge at the first time

It is forbidden to discharge to 0%(it will be easily damaged and shorten the usage life) on normal workings; It must be turned off or recharged(1-2 days) if as low as 2%

It must be charged above 70% before long time storage(more than three months)

Battery needs recycling frequently. It is recommended to discharge and charge it once per two months at least. The battery will achieve best performance. Please discharging it to 2%, and then charging it full.

When the battery can not charge or charge less power, maybe the laptop adapter is musmatch or output power is lower. Please immediately replace the match and the function normal adapter to confirm is caused by the adapter. Whether the Problem

Never take out the battery form the laptop when charging or discharging.

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This isn't an answer to the question that was asked. –  andrewsi Sep 25 '12 at 16:14

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