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is there a class that represents an unordered array in ruby? I cannot use array because

[1,2] != [2,1]

And I cannot use set because I can only have unique elements. I kind of want a combination of both. A list that doesnt care about ordering and can have more than 1 of the same elements

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It is called multiset. Here is Ruby implementation.

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I guess you have extend the Array class and write your own == method. Here is my very experimental attempt:

class UnorderedArray < Array
  def ==(other)
    self_copy = self.sort
    other = other.sort
    self_copy == other

a = UnorderedArray.new
a << 1 << 2
# [1, 2]

b = UnorderedArray.new
b << 2 << 1
# [2, 1]

a == b
# returns true
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I think this is a better and easier idea rather than having a new gem – texasbruce Apr 20 '12 at 7:49

One-liner: Hash[a.zip(a.map{|x| a.count(x)})] == Hash[e.zip(e.map{|x| e.count(x)})]

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Here is a slightly cleaner mixin that will work on unsortable arrays and caches the hash value as it is O(n).

class UnorderedArray < Array
  def hash
    unless @o && @o == super.hash
      p = Hash.new(0)
      each{ |v| p[v] += 1 }
      @p = p.hash
      @o = super.hash
  def <=>(b)
    raise "You can't order me"
  def ==(b)
    hash == b.hash

however #eql? will return false unless unless the arrays are in the same order.

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