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I have an object, suppose of class A, and it has a string stored in it. I want to type-cast it into NSString object. Basically this is what I want to achieve:

NSString *temp = (NSString *)[A someMEthod];

if(temp isMemberOfClass : [NSString class]) {

Can somebody tell me how to achieve this?

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If you want to check an object if it is of certain class (in runtime), use this:

if ([myObj isKindOfClass:[NSString class]]) { ... }

Your question isn't exactly cleat, it seems your best option is to make the "string stored in the object" be a property with the type of NSString already, so you wouldn't have to do any type casts and checks at all.

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id temp = [A someMethod];
if([temp isKindOfClass:[NSString class]])
    NSString *str = (NSString *)temp;
    NSLog(@"%@", str);
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If your string is member variable of ClassA.

You Can make a Method in ClassA that will return NSString.

like that.

@interface ClassA :NSObject{

NSString *str;


-(NSString *)returnString{

return str;

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