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I am Very much new to cassandra database. I need to set up a username and password for the database ... Somebody please help me explaining how to do that..

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You can create users with passwords that have ro or rw access at the column family level. For Cassandra 0.7 or earlier, you can find an overview here: http://www.datastax.com/docs/0.7/configuration/authentication

For 1.0 and later, authentication was moved into the examples directory. You can find an example of how to configure it (same as before) here: http://devblog.michalski.im/2012/04/05/adding-simple-authentication-to-cassandra/

In general, Cassandra developers seem to recommend segregating your Cassandra database via firewall over relying on user/pass authentication. If you can go this route, it's much preferred.

For additional security, you can also encrypt inter-node communication: http://wiki.apache.org/cassandra/InternodeEncryption

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The SimpleAuthenticator and SimpleAuthority classes were moved to the examples directory because they are not intended to be used in production. From NEWS.txt: "They never provided actual security and in their current state are only meant as examples." –  psanford Apr 25 '12 at 2:13
once you have the users set up, how do you login to one of them? Or execute queries/commands as one of them? –  Pinocchio Mar 6 at 6:16
@Pinocchio look at the last couple lines of devblog.michalski.im/2012/04/05/… for your answer –  Andrew Mar 6 at 10:13

Here's some more on Cassandra's permissions too (after you setup authentication): http://devblog.michalski.im/2012/04/22/more-on-cassandra-simpleauthority-permissions/

So, there's a bit more than only the CF-level permission system.

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