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I was looking for a solution that user cannot uninstall my application but got to know its not possible in android. Then I thought of to get at least a notification email that my application has been removed from device. Then I read the following post: Require a password to uninstall/remove application . That post says that I install two apps. The second app will receive a Broadcast of removal of my app and will generate an email notification.
So my question is how to keep another apk ('Watcher') into my apk and install Watcher apk when my application starts for the first time? Any code example will be appreciated.

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you will have to direct user to market and prompt them to download. –  Its not blank Apr 20 '12 at 8:43
Users are in control over their devices and have the right to uninstall anything they installed previously. If this is a business situation where they want to ensure a user always has some app, the business can go buy a bunch of Android devices and hire someone to install their app in the system partition on those devices (custom firmware or temporary rooting), in which case the app cannot be uninstalled. –  CommonsWare Apr 20 '12 at 11:26

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