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Is there a way to filter out files by extension in Sublime Text?

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add file_exclude_patterns to your user preferences file. this is how mine looks like:

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Is it also possible to explicitly include some files? For example using TypeScript I don't want to see generated *.js, but several files I want to include in the project (e.g. requirejs.dependencies.js). Thank you! – zbynour Nov 19 '12 at 13:11
great, tx.. i tried file_include_patterns, but it seems to be an either/or setting.. if used alone file_include_patterns works, but if used with file_exclude_patterns, no files are shown.. – ptim Feb 6 '13 at 7:23
With some careful structuring, you can avoid auto-generated JS files while still keeping the ones that you want (ie, config files) - like so: "file_exclude_patterns": [ "*", "app/controllers/*.js" ] Since we're specifically filtering only on certain folders, we can separate out anything that we want to keep! – Critical Sass Feb 13 '14 at 13:41
Is it possible to extend the default file_exclude_patterns rather than redefining it from scratch, via user preferences? I want to add a few without having to redefine the whole default set. – drfrogsplat Feb 28 '14 at 5:06

In addition to "file_exclude_patterns", you can also use "folder_exclude_patterns".

Referencing this comment from zbynour: with an appropriate product directory structure, combining both directives makes it easy to exclude folders with compiled TypeScript output, sass-cache, etc without excluding e.g. all .js files.

Also, you can specify these exclusions on a per-project basis using your project's .sublime-project file. Here's one of my .sublime-project files, which lives in the project's root directory.

      "path": ".",
      "folder_exclude_patterns": [".sass-cache"],
      "file_exclude_patterns": ["*.pdf", "*.psd"]

Of course, you can also use these directives together in your User/Preferences.sublime-settings file. Doing so will of course affect all of your sublime sessions, for all open folders and/or projects, which for me, having forgotten about the setting several months later, caused some bewildering, head-scratching confusion.

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