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Iam newly using SCT tools in my project. In the board,when i try to display only the names - Politics, IT by using the code {% sphboard_displayCategories rootCategories.name %}.iam getting the error as Caught VariableDoesNotExist while rendering: Failed lookup for key [name] in u'[<Category: politics>, <Category: IT>]'

If i use {% sphboard_displayCategories rootCategories %},iam getting the entire details of the Politics and IT. But I need to display only the names with url path. Anyone help me?

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I don't know SCT tools, but you could return:

rootNames = map(lambda x: x.name, rootCategories)

from your view and use those (assuming SCT just expects strings). You obviously can't access ".name" on a list, this won't work in python either, you have to access name on the individual objects in the list.

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