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I have a very simple requirement.

SELECT NULL as ProjectId, 'All' as ProjectName


  SELECT  Project.ProjectId,  Project.ProjectName
  FROM Project Order by 2

Original order of entries:

ProjectId       ProjectName     
 24               Beta           
 56               Alpha          
 57               Gamma          
 120              Aap            


ProjectId      ProjectName         
NULL           All                 
120            Aap                 
56             Alpha               
24             Beta                
57             Gamma              

What I Need: I want to add a single row on top of the ordered result set of a query


  1. Subquerys are not allowed to have Order By clause
  2. Doing Top 100 Percent destroys the order, and row having 'All' doesn't come at top
  3. Declaring a Table variable inserting all entries in order and then performing union on this table i.e.

     Select NULL as ProjectId, 'All' as ProjectName...
     select * from @myTable

    again destroys the order

help me please

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You can order result of UNION, but you need to provide additional column to identify where the data came from - here it is SortOrder:

SELECT NULL as ProjectId, 'All' as ProjectName, 1 SortOrder
SELECT  Project.ProjectId,  Project.ProjectName, 2 SortOrder
FROM Project
order by SortOrder, ProjectName

Note I replaced UNION with UNION ALL as you do not need to DISTINCT result set.

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