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I'm developing a mobile version with JqTouch.

I have some troubles with simple buttons (<a href=""></a> links) not reacting on Tap with Android Phones. Nothing happens and there even no orange outline around the link when I touch it. Everything works fine on iPhone mobiles.

I tried to disable my CSS sheet, but same result. What am I doing wrong? Is this a common issue with Android browsers?

Here is my code

    <div id="homeLang" class="current">
        <div class="scroll">

            <div id="lang">
                <a id="frBtn" class="btn" href="#fr">FR</a>
                <a id="nlBtn" class="btn" href="#nl">NL</a>

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I don't think it's a common issue on Android. Have you tried to run some of the demos that comes with jqtouch on Android, do you get the same issue there?

I just tried the following and it works on both iPhone and Android devices.

<div id="test">
   <ul class="rounded">
      <li><a href="#page2">Go to page 2</a></li>
<div id="page2">
   <a href="#" class="whiteButton goback">Go back to page 1</a>
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I had the exact same problem. Internal links in jQtouch don't work with Android, but work on iPhone. Switch from using jQuery to Zepto. That will solve the problem.

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I know this is an old post but for future users looking for this answer, I believe you'll get it working by doing the following when instantiating your jQT object:

var jQT = new $.jQTouch({
  useFastTouch: false
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