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While developing "about window" in eclipse RCP, we need to define:

 aboutText=My text which will be shown in about window 

in about.ini file.

I need to add version number, which is defined in the overview page of the .product file. Is there any way to parametrize this string?

I have tried to add {featureVersion} to aboutText, but it doesn't work - my about window is not displayed then.


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Not so difficult... Use {0}, {1}, etc in the text itself and construct a file about.mappings with:


Now the problem is reduced to making substitutions in the mappings file. Unfortunately there are no standardized way to do this in Eclipse. For Tycho, I typically use maven filters as described here.

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Is there any way to get version automatically? Like described here: eclipsezone.com/eclipse/forums/m92252023.html ? The {featureVersion} tag is not working for me. –  bart Apr 20 '12 at 21:46
As far as I know, this feature is only available when you brand features, not when you brand products. See book.javanb.com/… –  Tonny Madsen Apr 21 '12 at 9:21

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