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I am add controls dynamically in my page from the database and i am using $.post() method to pass values in client side. Now i want to pass this controls in $.post() method. so can any one suggest me how to get these controls in post method.

 $.post("TestPage.aspx", { Type: 'SaveData', drpGender: $('#MainContent_drpGender').val(), cmbMonth: $('#MainContent_cmbMonth').val(), cmbYear: $('#MainContent_cmbYear').val(), drpTall: $('#MainContent_drpTall').val(), txtWeight: $('#MainContent_txtWeight').val() }, function (data) {
                }, "html");

in above, drpGender, cmbMonth,drpTall,txtheigh are dynamic controls which i add in my page.

In client side , i am saving data in SaveData() method. and i am using this controls value client side by using


So can anyone tell me how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Request.Form is not populating for your Ajax post because you are manually serializing and sending the data to the controller as a JSON object, not as Form encoded data.

Try URL encoding your object before sending with $.post. I split some of the code up for readability - you can just add the $.param() call inline if you want.

// Get your submit data.
var sendData = { Type: 'SaveData', drpGender: $('#MainContent_drpGender').val(), cmbMonth: $('#MainContent_cmbMonth').val(), cmbYear: $('#MainContent_cmbYear').val(), drpTall: $('#MainContent_drpTall').val(), txtWeight: $('#MainContent_txtWeight').val() };

// Form encode your data.
sendData = $.param(sendData);

// Send.
$.post("TestPage.aspx", sendData, function (data) {
                }, "html");

This will cause the controller to treat the received request like a Form post and populate Request.Form.

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