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as the title says, when I when i call the method open of a MessageBox instance, nothing happens. This is the code:


In this dialog some actions let me open this message box:

MessageBox box = new MessageBox(dialog, SWT.ICON_WARNING | SWT.OK);

I'm using Eclipse Indigo 3.7.2 for RCP and RAP Developers on Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity (Ubuntu2D) and Compiz 0.9.6, with OpenJDK 1.7.0_147. Here and here are some tips to solve this problem, (fixed by setting the environment variable GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS), but nothing works.

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Perhaps you could include some more information about your run configuration and what language you are using, although I assume java.... In addition, you didn't bother to load the whole code, only a fragment. If the code was relatively short, 500 lines or less, post it on codepad or something.

But if this is a java project, that's now how you show a message box. Look here for that:

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, my project is a Java project. Swing works perfectly, but I have to use the SWT library. – Alberto Apr 20 '12 at 9:07
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Ok, I solved it. For some reasons, under Linux the message boxes are drawn under the components created with the flag SWT.ON_TOP (under Windows the messages boxes are always above any component). I just removed the SWT.ON_TOP from the parent dialog and everything works.

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Use new standart message dialogs

MessageDialog.openConfirm(shell, "Confirm", "Please confirm");
MessageDialog.openError(shell, "Error", "Error occured");
MessageDialog.openInformation(shell, "Info", "Info for you");
MessageDialog.openQuestion(shell, "Question", "Really, really?");
MessageDialog.openWarning(shell, "Warning", "I warn you"); 
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