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I am from android background.. can we do http post every 5 minutes when app runs in background?

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Technically: yes. It's possible. You can do that on Jailbreak Devices as well as on Enterprise Deployment Aoo. You can use the VOIP App Mode.

If you'd like to deploy the app through the iTunes App Store, you will get a "reject" from apple. Background-Apps are currently not allowed by apple (only real VOIP apps, Music-In-Background and GPS Tracking Apps). Know why? Because every app running in background eats a lot of battery power.

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This is why the Sparrow email client for iPhone was initially rejected from the App Store - it used the VOIP mode to check mail in the background, but wasn't a VOIP app. –  user577537 Apr 20 '12 at 10:09
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