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I currently have the following dataset (simplified):

            'url': 'dutch',  
            'locale': 'nl_NL'  
            'url': 'english',  
            'locale': 'en_US'  
} (etc more rows similar to this but unique urls)  

Now I want to perform a query to see if for the locale 'en_US' the url 'english exists:


This indeed provides me with the dataset row. However if i want to check if for the locale 'nl_NL' the url 'english';


I still get the dataset back which I don't want because the query shoudln't match. As i only want it to match if the locale is nl_NL and in the same row the url is 'english'

I tried


This didn't work, is there any way to do this at all? So that it matches 2 fields in 1 row instead 2 fields separately?

Any help is appreciated!

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Try using $elemMatch

db.find({'_locales': { '$elemMatch': { 'locale': 'nl_NL', 'url': 'english' } }});

$elemMatch is used when a single element in an array must match the match expression. Otherwise (as you found), each criteria can match a different array element.

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Thank you! that worked perfectly! –  Wim Wisselink Apr 20 '12 at 9:36
@WimWisselink: You're welcome, and welcome to Stack Overflow! If this answer solved your problem, then you can mark it as an accepted answer. This will keep your "accepted answer" ratio high, which is a good thing for you. –  Sean Reilly Apr 20 '12 at 9:41

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