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Lets establish the constants first;

  • App pages are 720px or fluid wide.
  • Timeline apps are 810px wide.
  • To view an app as a timeline app you need to add it to a page.
  • Whilst testing/developing you want the page to be unpublished.
  • So to see that page and the app as a part/tab of that page any testers need to be admin for the page.

My problem is;

  1. Some testers may be external, we don't want them Admins to the page.
  2. We want to be able to show the app as a tab/app of a page in the 810px layout for signoff.

Is there a way to set different permissions for an unpublished page, as there are for apps. i.e. Admin, Developer, tester if only to give them view permissions if nothing else?

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That functionality doesn't yet exist, but it's a problem FB is aware of.

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