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I need to authenticate over LDAP and have an Oracle table with usersnames and hashed passwords.

Is it possible to make LDAP use these table?

I just want to simulate a fake LDAP. When the client tries to log, the server just needs to hash the password and compare it with the one stored in the database table.

Just it. Is there a framework that implements all the LDAP protocol. I just want it to call my Java code.

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It probably isn't worth trying to simulate an LDAP server if only because the protocol is non-trivial. Instead, just get a (simple) LDAP server and put the (hashed) passwords in there. –  Adam Hawkes Apr 20 '12 at 14:01

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You should use the UnboundID LDAP SDK. The SDK provides a mechanism wherein an in-memory directory server can be created that acts like a real directory server (because it is). This is a better procedure than a mockup because the in-memory server is a full-fledged server without all the installation hassles. The fully compliant server allows LDAP clients to test n a real LDAP environment, which will result in more robust code.

see also

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