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Im trying to modify template from knpMenu. I renamed it knp_main_menu.html.twig My config file is:

    twig:  # use "twig: false" to disable the Twig extension and the TwigRenderer
        template: knp_main_menu.html.twig
    templating: true # if true, enables the helper for PHP templates
    default_renderer: twig # The renderer to use, list is also available by default

knp_menu.html.twig works but my file (exact copy of the original) does not. Is there any way to do this?

My final goal is to make template that works with icons:

for example:

$menu->addChild('Grupy', array(
            'route' => 'group',
            'attributes' => array(
                'title' => 'Dodaj nową grupę',
                'data-icon' => 'group',
                'data-id' => 'groups_list',

should produce something like this:

    <li title="Dodaj nową grupę" data-id="groups_list" data-icon="group">
        <a href="...">
            <img src="somedir/group.png" /> Grupy 
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this was quite simple:

{{ knp_menu_render('AlefDemoBundle:Builder:mainMenu', { 'template': 'AlefDemoBundle:Menu:knp_main_menu.html.twig' }) }}

inside twig template.

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