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At the moment this is what I have in my HomeController:

public ActionResult Index(HomeFormViewModel model)

    TempData["Suppliers"] = service.Suppliers(model.CategoryId, model.LocationId);

    return View("Suppliers");

This is what I have in my SupplierController:

public ViewResult Index()
    SupplierFormViewModel model = new SupplierFormViewModel();
    model.Suppliers = TempData["Suppliers"] as IEnumerable<Supplier>;

    return View(model);

This is my Supplier Index.cshtml:

@model MyProject.Web.FormViewModels.SupplierFormViewModel

@foreach (var item in Model.Suppliers) {

Instead of using TempData is there a different way to pass objects to a different controller and its view?

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Why can't the SupplierController call service.Suppliers() for itself? – Jeroen Apr 20 '12 at 10:18
@Jeroen I've updated the question and added that service.Suppliers() takes properties from HomeFormViewModel. – gotnull Apr 20 '12 at 10:21
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Why don't you just pass those two ID's in as parameters, then call the service class from the other controller? Something like:

Have your SupplierController method like so:

public ViewResult Index(int categoryId, int locationId)
    SupplierFormViewModel model = new SupplierFormViewModel();
    model.Suppliers = service.Suppliers(categoryId, locationId);

    return View(model);

Then, I'm assuming you're calling your view from within the Supplier view via a link of some sort? You can do:

@foreach (var item in Model.Suppliers) 
    @Html.ActionLink(item.SupplierName, "Index", "Supplier", new { categoryId = item.CategoryId, locationId = item.LocationId})
    //The above assumes item has a SupplierName of course, replace with the
    //text you want to display in the link
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Gotcha! I knew this, I'm just way too tired to be writing any proper code. – gotnull Apr 20 '12 at 10:42
LOL I hear ya, sounds like Friday syndrome :) – mattytommo Apr 20 '12 at 10:49

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