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Maybe I don't know something, but even after looking on my code for several times I still think that my code is correct, and should be able to work:

  static char* test_InsertElem(tree* head,const key* k){
    tree* testDict=NULL;
    mu_assert("Couldn't insert word to binary tree!\n",
            testDict->DescriptorOfToken->Length==9 &&
            testDict->DescriptorOfToken->RefCounter==1 &&
            strcmp(testDict->DescriptorOfToken->TokenString,"TestToken")==0 &&
            testDict->DescriptorOfToken->TypeOfToken==Word &&
            testDict->ListOfElems->Counter==1 &&
            testDict->ListOfElems->Data.Position==0 &&
    key k={&desc,data};

The most surprising error is in my assertion: ms_assert is ok, I defined the macro, so gcc knows what it is. But testDict->ListOfElems is according to gcc referencing something not a strucure or union, so testDict is not a structure, but as it's defined by a typedef it should be, even though I initialized by NULL, but InsertElem should do the malloc and cast for it, so finally it is a structure. I just don't understand the error message itself. Also it's strange that this time key is a correct typename, but few lines later gcc can't do anything with key, and thinks it's a variable name. Isn't it a bug of gcc? And how can I fix it? Actually I think my code is correct in C, or maybe I don't know something?

Thanks for your help, and for your attention.

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What is the error? What is the definition of tree? –  Oli Charlesworth Apr 20 '12 at 10:20
Need more information, can you show us your tree type definition? Also I don't trust your my_assert; can you simplify your code example to not use the macro and still show the same error? –  Anthales Apr 20 '12 at 10:22
Well,tree is just a simple binary tree definition: <pre><code> typedef struct _node{ struct _node* left; struct _node* right; elem* ListOfElems; TokenDescriptor* DescriptorOfToken; } node; //this structure is for search result also(note that search is a void return function!) typedef struct _result{ logic found; node* head; } result; typedef node* tree; </pre></code> As for the macro: <pre><code> #define mu_assert(message, test) do { if (!(test)) return message; } while (0) </pre></code> it's only an easy assert macro, as you can see, nothing special, it shouldn't cause any error. –  user1346248 Apr 20 '12 at 10:44
I am sorry, but I cannot add 4 spaces, as my source code is tab tabulated, but I hope you still won't have problem to understand me. Error message is: testDict is not a structure/union. But I think it is, as it is clearly defined as a pointer:) –  user1346248 Apr 20 '12 at 10:52

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