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When I'm reading the apple iOS Developer Guide, it explains me a bit about using Blocks (For use with GCD). It should pass some "snippit of code" into a objective-c object, and pass it to the other thread so it can be executed there. Wouldn't make the use of this exremely vulnarible to viruses and such? (data execution). Or am I missing some point here?

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No - you can think of this 'code snippet' as a compiled, private, hidden function declared within your function (method…). IOW, it's as dangerous as any compiled function in your binary.

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Even when you use ^blocks, your code is still pre-compiled. I would say it's not more vulnerable then the rest of the "weak-linked" objective-c stuff.

The ^block is more something in the compiler / pre-compiler stage. I would say the resulting binary does not look much different (from a security perspective) then without blocks.

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Thank you for the explanation! –  Nightwish1986 Apr 20 '12 at 10:43
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