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I'm creating a single page website with 5 sections one below another on a single page. I need two buttons, Up & Down arrows near scroll bar to help users scroll using these buttons. These buttons should sequentially scroll to previous & next section respectively. Basically we are scrolling the whole body.

For example, navigation is lie Home, About, Projects, Gallery & Contact.

When on Home, and clicked Down arrow, body should scroll to About and stop. If on About, the Up button should bring us to the Home section.

I'm a jQuery n00b so, kindly help me with code examples.

Code so far:

<div id="arrows">
<a href="javascript:;" id="arrow-up">&uarr;</a>
<a href="javascript:;" id="arrow-down">&darr;</a>

Thank you.

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The jQuery's (relatively) easy, but how do you define your 'sections'? Can you show representative mark-up for the whole page? Provide a JS Fiddle for us to work with? Have you attempted anything yet? We're happy to help, but doing it for you is a little beyond the Stack Overflow remit. –  David Thomas Apr 20 '12 at 10:47

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You can make use of the jquery animate function:

<div id="HomeSection">
   <input type="button" onclick="scollWin('AboutSection');" value="Scroll to Next" />     

<div id="AboutSection">
    <p>About your page....</p>
    <input type="button" onclick="scollWin('HomeSection');" value="Scroll to Previous" />
    <input type="button" onclick="scollWin('ProjectSection');" value="Scroll to Next" />


function scrollWin(id){
      scrollTop: $("#" + id ).offset().top
   }, 2000);

Source and demonstration: link

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